Thursday, 30 October 2014

♫ This is your life, are you who you want to be? ♫

Switchfoot ~ This Is Your Life


Friday, 10 October 2014

~ New 101 in 1001 days ~ Dayzero List ~

1 Sleep in a lighthouse

2 Sleep in a castle

3 Sleep on a boat 

4 Sleep in a tree house

5 See a sloth in real life

6 Go badger spotting

7 Go on a bat walk

8 See the Northern Lights

9 Attend a fairy festival

10 Go on three coach trips

11 Cruise the Manchester ship canal

12 Visit 5 places from my 'Places I would like to visit list'

13 Buy and complete a "Wreck this Journal"

14 Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 6 months

15 Complete 25 writing prompts from

16 Write down 5 positive things that happened during the day before going to bed for one month

17 Write a song

18 Get five more hats

19 Get a bike

20 Complete the 30 Day Shred

21 No take-aways for a month

22 Complete a 'Walk To Mordor' challenge

23 Walk Hadrian's wall UK

24 Do the 200 sit-ups challenge (

25 Do the 200 squats challenge (

26 Take part in a charity run

27 Lose 10 lbs

28 Lose 20 lbs

29 Lose 30 lbs

30 Lose 40 lbs

31 Lose 50 lbs

32 Lose 60 lbs

33 Lose 70 lbs

34  Walk the Wirral coast with my son

35 Earn the 60,000 daily steps badge on fitbit

36 Clock up a 60 day streak on MyFitnessPal
37 Climb 'The Reek'

38 Go vegetarian for a month

39 Complete a 365 day photo challenge

40 Get professional black & white boudoir photos done

41 Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge

42 Take 101 (more) mum & son photos

43 Have professional photos taken

44 Get a makeover at a beauty store

45 Experiment and try out 5 different makeup looks

46 Wear red lipstick for seven days in a row

47 Create a stone sculpture
48 Create a family coat of arms

49 Make a Pop-up book
50 Make stepping stones for the garden

51 Make a wall hanging

52 Build a shadow puppet theatre

53 Create an ASMR video

54 Create an ice sculpture

55 Make a lantern creature

56 Make 10 things from Pinterest

57 Paint a self portrait

58 Do/try something new every month for a year

59 Rejoin the dating scene

60 Spend one weekend with only my music, art and books. "Unplug"
61 Get another tattoo

62 Plant a cherry blossom tree

63 Break a Guinness World Record

64 Get a henna tattoo

65 Learn to sing one song well

66 Learn how to play the ukulele

67 Learn to moonwalk

68 Learn how to crochet

69 Learn to count to 20 in three new languages

70 Learn to touch type

71 Try ceramic painting

72 Try glass painting

73 Try paper-cutting

74 Whittle something from wood

75 Create a fantasy wire sculpture

76 Go Eye Bombing

77 Take a free online class

78 Trace my ancestry through dna testing

79 Have five (more) Fancy Dress Fridays

80 Redesign my blog

81 Make a list of what I'm looking for/ what is important to me in a relationship

82 Learn to identify 10 constellations

83 Teach the puppy three commands

84 Read 50 new books

85 Write a love letter

86 Teach my son to swim

87 Meditate for a minimum of ten minutes a day for a month

88 Try acupuncture
89 Try three different types of massage

90 Go to the theatre

91 Go to 5 different museums

92 Go to 3 concerts

93 Ride a tandem bike

94 Have a potted plant in each room of the house

95 Make a list of 100 things about me

96 Meet a celebrity crush

97 Spend 30 minutes a day in front of the daylight lamp (for 30 consecutive days)

98 Make a blanket fort
99 Watch 10 documentaries

100 Weave something using wheat

101 Visit the cinema once a month for a year


Thursday, 11 September 2014

♫ Are we having the time of our lives? ♫


Elbow ~ Perfect Weather to Fly



Saturday, 6 September 2014

Week 36 #WotW

The Reading Residence

Pleased to report a really positive, happy week. The Chief rose to the challenge of returning to school and leapt right into transitioning to High School. I can't begin to tell you how relieved and happy I am at his progress. Obviously the ground is still a little shaky but I am so proud of him.

We've also seen progress with the puppy training. Given our older pooch Benny's health at the moment I was advised to have an overlap of dogs to make it easier for the Chief to deal with the (potential) loss and avoid any feelings of guilt over a 'replacement' dog. Death is a horrible thing to have to think about but it has been becoming all too real over the past couple of months.

Meet Teddy


Teddy is an adorable ball of fluff. The Chief has shown great patience in training him. It all got a bit too much during the night time though with Teddy pestering him to the point of 'exhausted new parent'. We've switched dog bedrooms now and that seems to be working *touch wood*.
Benny also has a new youthful exuberance. I haven't introduced them properly yet for fear that Benny may squish him. I think I'll keep that for on neutral ground. They have met through the puppy crate in an attempt to get them used to each other. It's quite funny watching the pup trying to charm Benny. So cute!

Yesterday I received news that I've finished paying off one year of my student loan. Hurrah! It makes things easier as the other three years are with a different company.

Lots of positives this week :)